With not much more than a dream Felton Speegle formed Speegle Contracting in 1974 and the company became incorporated in 1975. To start the company Mr. Speegle called upon his family and employed his oldest son Allen Speegle and his two sons in law, Donald Bailey and Billy Stricklin. The clerical work was also handled by another family member, his wife, Faye Speegle.  As time passes more employees were slowly added. Mr. Speegle’s youngest son Jason Speegle joined the company in 1983 and in 1987 Mr. Speegle’s youngest daughter Phyllis Stricklin joined the company, soon becoming the Office Manager.Originally Speegle Contracting worked in all types of utility construction as well as grading an paving. In 1990, the company made a move towards the natural gas area with particular concentration on cast iron replacement projects. As time passed and the Speegle name began to circulate the company moved even more heavily into the natural gas field. Speegle contracting has established lasting relationships with natural gas companies in and around their home state of Alabama by simply doing a great job at a reasonable price.Although the company has grown and changed some things will never change. The company is still family owned and adheres to the basic principals set forth by company founder, Felton Speegle.

Felton and Faye Speegle at the 40th party

What are these basic principals?

1. Set your standards high and never compromise for less.
2. Quality over quantity
3. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do
4. Quality work attracts quality customers
5. Take care of your customers 1st and they will take care of you.